Medallia Engineering Leadership Team - Townhall Meeting

Together, we'll grow faster.

Code with us

Meet our Team

Our engineers are solving some of the biggest machine learning and text analytics problems today for the Fortune 500.

A Day in the Life

Push real code in a relaxed and collaborative environment.

Easy Commute

Medallia’s Palo Alto office is prime for taking the CalTrain down from San Francisco. Commuting into our Buenos Aires office is just as easy.

And as luck would have it one of our benefits is a free pass. You’ll probably run into a few of your engineering colleagues on the ride and it drops you off just a few blocks from the Medallia campus.

So, getting here is a snap.

Scrum Standup

Every morning our engineering teams in Palo Alto and Buenos Aires sync up for a 15-minute Scrum meeting to report on what we did yesterday, what’s on the docket for today and any blocks holding us up for shipping code.

The standups take place in international themed meeting rooms that were hand decorated by Medallia software engineers from that country.

Crank Code

Whether you’re researching a new open source solution or pushing code for deployment, you can find the right environment to get your work done.

We’ve got booths for a quiet conversation, open areas for pair-programming and quiet spaces for putting on the headphones and cranking code.

Foosball Break

Any given day you’ll find a serious foosball or ping pong match near the kitchen at the end of the day. It’s a great way to blow off steam and test your colleague’s skills away from a Github repo.

Not to mention, many a code challenge have been solved after such matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who's the robot?

While we’re cranking through code in Palo Alto and Buenos Aires, sometimes there isn’t time to wait on an email. No problem. Our robot lets an engineer in Buenos Aires virtually walk up to their colleague in Palo Alto for a quick face to face chat, and vice versa.

What's with the figurines?

Medallia believes in customer experience, especially when it comes to our own employees. When we welcome new hires, everyone spends the first few days becoming part of the team through our onboarding experience. You’ll do all kinds of things and one of your takeaways is a mug or figurine that you get to create.

Are the avocados really that good?

Yep. Most of our team is fueled on monounsaturated fat due largely to the constant supply of those tasty little fruits. That’s not all though. We have catered lunch on Mondays and Wednesdays. The kitchen is always stocked with healthy snacks. Oh yeah and there’s caffeine too – Nespresso or cold coffee for a late afternoon push.

How about hackathons?

Our engineers live to code and they can be very creative under tight time constraints. We get together periodically to riff on ideas and undertake a code challenge to push the envelope. Its pretty fun when you work with a bunch of graduate and Ph.D. level engineers – they’ll blow your mind, and sometimes you’ll blow theirs.

What about transparency?

Medallia is different.

Fireside chats happen every Friday and everyone - employees and even potential hires - can come and learn about what’s going on in the company. Not too many Tech Unicorns still have this kind of a community gathering with the C-suite.

Office Locations

We have world-class engineering teams working in the heart of Silicon Valley and Buenos Aires.

North American Headquarters
Palo Alto
  • 395 Page Mill Road, Suite 100
  • Palo Alto, CA 94306
  • p: +1.650.321.3000
  • f: +1.650.321.3156
Latin American Headquarters
Buenos Aires
  • Humboldt 1550 Office 313
  • Buenos Aires (1426)
  • Argentina
  • p: +54.11.6091.7590