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Reflections on My First Year at Medallia

Kacyn Fujii / 2017-01-19 / medallia careers
My name is Kacyn, and this week is my one-year anniversary of working as a Software Engineer at Medallia. I’ve been reflecting on my first year, and as a female engineer and recent graduate, I’m excited to share my perspective with you. I come from a community that has prioritized the promotion of gender equality. My alma mater, Harvey Mudd College, recently received recognition for their efforts in increasing the percentage of women enrolled at the college. Continue reading

Microservices using relocatable Docker containers

Today we want to share a talk that Thorvald Natvig (Architect) and Mauricio Garavaglia (Staff Engineer) gave at a conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina last July. In this presentation they deep dive into the microservices architecture we are implementing at Medallia, what our drivers are and how the development process works. This was a result of a deep analysis of our needs and the lessons learned from other companies on the valley that were kind enough to share them with us. Continue reading