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Parallelizing Jenkins Pipelines

Pipelines are one of the most powerful tools Jenkins has to offer and a standard for building jobs. The problem is that it can be so powerful that you end up running many different things and it’s easy for run times to increase dramatically. It can become increasingly difficult to maintain a fast CI feedback cycle while running all the quality tasks such as build, checks, test, etc. Developers want fast feedback to do incremental changes, master needs to run fast to confirm everything works, release branches need to tag a git repository and so on. Continue reading

A Plea for an Equal Opportunity Random

Daniel Vega / 2014-08-04 / Coding
I was reading the documentation for Random.nextDouble() in Java 8 The general contract of nextDouble is that one double value, chosen (approximately) uniformly from the range 0.0d (inclusive) to 1.0d (exclusive), is pseudorandomly generated and returned Nothing new here. It just returns a uniform distributed random value in the interval [0, 1) (uniform means that for any two subintervals with the same length there is an equal chance the returned number is inside any of them). Continue reading