Big Data: Size does matter, but so does speed!

Big Data. I won’t even try to define the concept here, it has been around for a while and I assume that if you’ve reached this blog you’re somewhat of a techie. That said, if you’re an outsider to the tech industry (welcome, you!) or you’ve been frozen the last couple of years, there are … Continue reading “Big Data: Size does matter, but so does speed!”

A Summary of My Research in Post-silicon Validation and Debug*

Our software engineers at Medallia come from various backgrounds – spanning from database and machine learning to computer architecture. My most recent research before joining Medallia was in the area of post-silicon validation and debug. The goal of post-silicon validation of an Integrated Circuit is to ensure that fabricated, pre-production silicon (the first hardware prototype … Continue reading “A Summary of My Research in Post-silicon Validation and Debug*”

Engineering Interview

This post is written to explain our interview process, to better prepare candidates on what we are seeking, and to promote a discussion on better interviewing processes and techniques both internally at Medallia and externally as well. At Medallia, candidates come with all sorts of experiences, new graduates with bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D’s from universities, … Continue reading “Engineering Interview”

Why Do We Have Internships?

So, I was having a chat with one of our interns the other day, and he asked, “Why do you guys even have an internship program?” At Medallia, we view internships as opportunities to open the challenges that we face with others, to see and share different perspectives, and learn how to better mentor and … Continue reading “Why Do We Have Internships?”

Good engineering managers aren’t just hard to find — they don’t exist

Everyone talks about how difficult it is to hire great software engineers in the Valley. And it is. But nobody’s talking about how hard — really hard — it is to find good engineering managers. While good engineers might be famously tough to hire, at least they’re easy to find. Good engineering managers, on the other … Continue reading “Good engineering managers aren’t just hard to find — they don’t exist”

A Javascript Editor That Doesn’t Suck

Here at Medallia we use Javascript a lot, but not only in the obvious ways. Of course, as a web application we have tons of Javascript here and there, but as our platform adapts to very different scenarios, from hospitality to retail chains, we have to express this flexibility somehow; part of that job is … Continue reading “A Javascript Editor That Doesn’t Suck”

Recruiting Perspectives

Why Developers Should Be Active in Recruiting This is in part a response to an article that I recently read, lots of interesting debate over Microsoft’s stack ranking program which seem to have bubbled up since Ballmer announced his departure, a fascinating book about career progression and life suggested by some coworkers, an excellent read … Continue reading “Recruiting Perspectives”