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The secret ingredient behind a successful tech lead

Healthy engineering teams are generally structured in a pretty horizontal manner, and yet, for various reasons it is quite common to appoint one of the engineers as Tech Lead (TL). There are many skills and personality traits that can make a tech lead successful: a coder ninja, a great listener, the ability to say no, capacity to delegate tasks, among others. But there is one thing in common that I noticed about all the great tech leads that I’ve seen in my career, and that is having a great second-in-command engineer. Continue reading

Lessons learnt from the early adopters

Guido De Caso / 2015-03-19 / medallia
Two platitudes reign supreme in tech: “Change is the only constant” and “Hindsight is 20⁄20.” As our industry has evolved over the last few decades, things have moved from imperative to object oriented and into functional programming; from waterfall to agile processes; from centralized to distributed versioning control mechanisms; and from desktop GUIs to web and into mobile apps. Even the way we develop, push, build, test, deploy and monitor our precious code continues to evolve with a strong focus on cloud-based solutions and continuous delivery. Continue reading

In Desperate Need of Engineering Talent? Stop Recruiting Now

Why would someone want to work at your company? This question, bred largely out of the intense competition for engineering talent, assails the mind of many recruiters, hiring managers, and executives in Silicon Valley. The natural inclination for many of us: we survey the landscape of successful companies (and great places to work) for best practices and build our strategy accordingly. But this approach is a trap. Now, I’m not talking about superficial things like unlimited PTO (the world’s biggest oxymoron), snacks, treadmill desks, or smart toilets — I hope that, at this point, nobody with a reasonable amount of talent would join a company simply because they “look like” a tech company. Continue reading

A Plea for an Equal Opportunity Random

Daniel Vega / 2014-08-04 / Coding
I was reading the documentation for Random.nextDouble() in Java 8 The general contract of nextDouble is that one double value, chosen (approximately) uniformly from the range 0.0d (inclusive) to 1.0d (exclusive), is pseudorandomly generated and returned Nothing new here. It just returns a uniform distributed random value in the interval [0, 1) (uniform means that for any two subintervals with the same length there is an equal chance the returned number is inside any of them). Continue reading

Big Data: Size does matter, but so does speed!

Guido De Caso / 2014-05-19 / Big Data
Big Data. I won’t even try to define the concept here, it has been around for a while and I assume that if you’ve reached this blog you’re somewhat of a techie. That said, if you’re an outsider to the tech industry (welcome, you!) or you’ve been frozen the last couple of years, there are pretty cool definitions here, and here, and… here. However, when mainstream media starts picking up a topic it causes an entirely different level of reach, and that’s been happening with Big Data lately. Continue reading
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