Reflections on My First Year at Medallia

My name is Kacyn, and this week is my one-year anniversary of working as a Software Engineer at Medallia. I’ve been reflecting on my first year, and as a female engineer and recent graduate, I’m excited to share my perspective with you. I come from a community that has prioritized the promotion of gender equality. … Continue reading “Reflections on My First Year at Medallia”

Rethinking Recruiting

When I first became a Manager of Engineering, I was expecting a lot of challenges; delivering product on time and with quality, defining technical roadmap and addressing current debt, working on career path. I also knew about a particular requirement on the job description: Get the right people on board. Being a software engineer at … Continue reading “Rethinking Recruiting”

In Desperate Need of Engineering Talent? Stop Recruiting Now

Why would someone want to work at your company? This question, bred largely out of the intense competition for engineering talent, assails the mind of many recruiters, hiring managers, and executives in Silicon Valley. The natural inclination for many of us: we survey the landscape of successful companies (and great places to work) for best … Continue reading “In Desperate Need of Engineering Talent? Stop Recruiting Now”

Engineering Management Recruiting is Broken — Here’s How to Fix It

Engineering management recruiting is broken. Why? The fundamental reason is that companies have done exactly what comes naturally to them: to be self-centered. They focus on what they want, and unfortunately, this tends to turn recruiting into a skill-set wish list. As a result, companies seek candidates that can check boxes on a job requirement … Continue reading “Engineering Management Recruiting is Broken — Here’s How to Fix It”

Software Development and Gaming

A few months ago, I started to wonder why I like software development. I love coding, but there’s a huge difference between fun coding projects and professional software development in an engineering team. Present me with a technical problem and I will happily devote my time to solving it correctly and efficiently without stressing about … Continue reading “Software Development and Gaming”

How to Hire a Great Engineering Manager

How do you hire a great engineering manager? It’s a question I’ve been grappling with a lot, as the company I’ve been leading has doubled in size every year for the past five years. At times, I’ve thought great engineering managers might not even exist. What is it that a great engineering manager has? Obviously, … Continue reading “How to Hire a Great Engineering Manager”

Engineering Interview

This post is written to explain our interview process, to better prepare candidates on what we are seeking, and to promote a discussion on better interviewing processes and techniques both internally at Medallia and externally as well. At Medallia, candidates come with all sorts of experiences, new graduates with bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D’s from universities, … Continue reading “Engineering Interview”

Good engineering managers aren’t just hard to find — they don’t exist

Everyone talks about how difficult it is to hire great software engineers in the Valley. And it is. But nobody’s talking about how hard — really hard — it is to find good engineering managers. While good engineers might be famously tough to hire, at least they’re easy to find. Good engineering managers, on the other … Continue reading “Good engineering managers aren’t just hard to find — they don’t exist”

Recruiting Perspectives

Why Developers Should Be Active in Recruiting This is in part a response to an article that I recently read, lots of interesting debate over Microsoft’s stack ranking program which seem to have bubbled up since Ballmer announced his departure, a fascinating book about career progression and life suggested by some coworkers, an excellent read … Continue reading “Recruiting Perspectives”