Microservices @Medallia using relocatable Docker containers

Today we want to share a talk that Thorvald Natvig (Architect) and Mauricio Garavaglia (Staff Engineer) gave at a conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina last July. In this presentation they deep dive into the microservices architecture we are implementing at Medallia, what our drivers are and how the development process works. This was a result of a deep … Continue reading “Microservices @Medallia using relocatable Docker containers”

The Elastic Stack at Medallia

Microservices are a big deal in software architecture; however, they come with tradeoffs. New things come into play, and new challenges appear. One of them is logging, which is the main topic of this post. As part of Medallia’s Applications Solutions team, our role is to provide services and tools that integrate developer partner applications … Continue reading “The Elastic Stack at Medallia”

The 7 year itch of software

It’s almost inevitable: someone brings up the topic of a re-architecture. Out with the old, in with the new. Whether it be getting rid of all those nasty 2 page long methods or incorporating the latest and greatest from open source, someone will have a fundamental desire to recreate the system. Undoubtedly, someone will ask … Continue reading “The 7 year itch of software”

Microservice architectures: lessons learnt from the early adopters

Two platitudes reign supreme in tech: “Change is the only constant” and “Hindsight is 20/20.” As our industry has evolved over the last few decades, things have moved from imperative to object oriented and into functional programming; from waterfall to agile processes; from centralized to distributed versioning control mechanisms; and from desktop GUIs to web … Continue reading “Microservice architectures: lessons learnt from the early adopters”