Extending applications with JavaScript

As JavaScript is becoming more ubiquitous, we see more people teaching it, learning it, and more pieces of software starting to allow their users to customize or extend them via JavaScript plugins or extensions. Some programs are well known for allowing customisation via JavaScript, like Atom or HyperTerm, mostly because they have a philosophy behind them … Continue reading “Extending applications with JavaScript”

How to push notifications into your HipChat Room

Hi geeks! The post reviews the whole process in order to create your own HipChat notifications for your team room. For this tutorial, let’s suppose that we make regular new releases of our product, and for it, we have already created a script that automatically deploys a new version of our source code. Now, we … Continue reading “How to push notifications into your HipChat Room”

Do IoT yourself in 20 minutes

In this post, I would like to show you the steps for controlling your first device via HTTP. Requirements You have a little experience with Arduino and the IDE installed on your computer You have Node.js installed on your computer You know what an API is and are familiar with Swagger You can connect your … Continue reading “Do IoT yourself in 20 minutes”

Software Development and Gaming

A few months ago, I started to wonder why I like software development. I love coding, but there’s a huge difference between fun coding projects and professional software development in an engineering team. Present me with a technical problem and I will happily devote my time to solving it correctly and efficiently without stressing about … Continue reading “Software Development and Gaming”

A Plea for an Equal Opportunity Random

I was reading the documentation for Random.nextDouble() in Java 8 The general contract of nextDouble is that one double value, chosen (approximately) uniformly from the range 0.0d (inclusive) to 1.0d (exclusive), is pseudorandomly generated and returned Nothing new here. It just returns a uniform distributed random value in the interval [0, 1) (uniform means that for any … Continue reading “A Plea for an Equal Opportunity Random”

A Javascript Editor That Doesn’t Suck

Here at Medallia we use Javascript a lot, but not only in the obvious ways. Of course, as a web application we have tons of Javascript here and there, but as our platform adapts to very different scenarios, from hospitality to retail chains, we have to express this flexibility somehow; part of that job is … Continue reading “A Javascript Editor That Doesn’t Suck”