Reflections on My First Year at Medallia

My name is Kacyn, and this week is my one-year anniversary of working as a Software Engineer at Medallia. I’ve been reflecting on my first year, and as a female engineer and recent graduate, I’m excited to share my perspective with you. I come from a community that has prioritized the promotion of gender equality. … Continue reading “Reflections on My First Year at Medallia”

Extending applications with JavaScript

As JavaScript is becoming more ubiquitous, we see more people teaching it, learning it, and more pieces of software starting to allow their users to customize or extend them via JavaScript plugins or extensions. Some programs are well known for allowing customisation via JavaScript, like Atom or HyperTerm, mostly because they have a philosophy behind them … Continue reading “Extending applications with JavaScript”

How to push notifications into your HipChat Room

Hi geeks! The post reviews the whole process in order to create your own HipChat notifications for your team room. For this tutorial, let’s suppose that we make regular new releases of our product, and for it, we have already created a script that automatically deploys a new version of our source code. Now, we … Continue reading “How to push notifications into your HipChat Room”

Do IoT yourself in 20 minutes

In this post, I would like to show you the steps for controlling your first device via HTTP. Requirements You have a little experience with Arduino and the IDE installed on your computer You have Node.js installed on your computer You know what an API is and are familiar with Swagger You can connect your … Continue reading “Do IoT yourself in 20 minutes”

New Hire: Project Selection and Execution

Over the years, our engineering team has grown from a dozen super-talented individual contributors to a hundred-strong organization with teams, specialized roles, and responsibilities. With that growth came a need for better mentorship and training. Various initiatives were focused on taking common learnings and evolving them until they were mature enough to be reused for … Continue reading “New Hire: Project Selection and Execution”

Microservices @Medallia using relocatable Docker containers

Today we want to share a talk that Thorvald Natvig (Architect) and Mauricio Garavaglia (Staff Engineer) gave at a conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina last July. In this presentation they deep dive into the microservices architecture we are implementing at Medallia, what our drivers are and how the development process works. This was a result of a deep … Continue reading “Microservices @Medallia using relocatable Docker containers”

The Elastic Stack at Medallia

Microservices are a big deal in software architecture; however, they come with tradeoffs. New things come into play, and new challenges appear. One of them is logging, which is the main topic of this post. As part of Medallia’s Applications Solutions team, our role is to provide services and tools that integrate developer partner applications … Continue reading “The Elastic Stack at Medallia”

The secret ingredient behind a successful tech lead

Healthy engineering teams are generally structured in a pretty horizontal manner, and yet, for various reasons it is quite common to appoint one of the engineers as Tech Lead (TL). There are many skills and personality traits that can make a tech lead successful: a coder ninja, a great listener, the ability to say no, … Continue reading “The secret ingredient behind a successful tech lead”

Leadership Doesn’t Need a Title

This blog is not about Engineering Managers, instead it is about the Individual Contributors (IC) and the role that leadership plays. During the span of my internship, I have spoken with engineers and engineering managers at Medallia. Leadership has been a common theme in many conversations. By listening to their anecdotes, I have gained understanding … Continue reading “Leadership Doesn’t Need a Title”

Rethinking Recruiting

When I first became a Manager of Engineering, I was expecting a lot of challenges; delivering product on time and with quality, defining technical roadmap and addressing current debt, working on career path. I also knew about a particular requirement on the job description: Get the right people on board. Being a software engineer at … Continue reading “Rethinking Recruiting”